Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China


Hi Everyone! Come out and join me Saturday March 28th 2015 at 2pm! I'll be speaking at a rally to shot down the Yulin dog meat festival in China!The Yulin Dog Meat Festival set for June 2015 where tens of thousands of dogs and cats are abused, slaughtered and eaten each year at the event. Many are stolen family pets. This blood bath takes place in the city of Yulin, Guangxi province.It'll be held on the corner of Highland and Hollywood near the Chinese theater from 2pm till 4:30pm.In 2011, Chinese authorities banned the Jinhua Hutou Dog Meat Festival after a widespread social media campaign launched by animal rights activists.We did it once we can do it again!! Please come out and support! For more info click on the link! See you there :)

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